About Us

The history of GUPTA SWEETS goes back to 1901 when Shri Ganeshi Lal (our great grand father) started his Firm by the name GADDER MAL GANESHI LAL at 107, Moti Bazar in Dehradun. In which he mainly sold pure ghee, batashe and bura and he flourished in his business and earned a good name and reputation with his hard work, honesty and sincerity. Soon he was honored by Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji himself who was then the ruler of Dehradun.

He was joined was by his son Shri Prahlad Swaroop Gupta who was also a freedom fighter and fought for freedom alongside with Shri Nehru Ji, Gandhi Ji, Shri Mahaveer Tyagi Ji and many more.

After India achieved its independence Shri Prahlad Swaroop Gupta got involved in his family business fulltime and brought glory to his father’s firm by adding revari, gajaks along with many more products and a earned a name for himself as PRAHLAD REVARI WALE.

In 1964 the firm Gadder Mal Ganeshi Lal was renamed as Gupta Misthan Bhandar and served the people of Dehradoon as a full bloomed sweet shop at the same address 107 Moti Bazar. In 1969 BAL SWAROOP GUPTA, joint business alongside his Father, Shri Prahlad Swaroop Gupta and brought more young energy into the business and started a new era of “Gupta Misthan Bhandar” and started manufacturing of namkeens and indian snacks also. The same year Gupta Misthan Bhandar also received appreciation by serving Indian Army stationed at Dehradun.

Gupta Misthan Bhandar also ventured into catering and catered to many institutions of high repute and earned appreciation from many dignitaries, like late Shri Rajiv Gandhi at The Doon School golden jubilee the president of India Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma, His Highness Dalai Lama, cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, former chief minister of Uttaranchal Shri N.D. Tiwari, late Shri Madhav Rao Sindhia, chief minister of Uttarakhand Shri B.C.Khanduri,Shri Murli Manohar Joshi to name a few.

In the Year 1992 Bal Swaroop Gupta’s elder son AMIT KHANDELWAL started working part time at G.M.B. after finishing his schooling from The Doon School Dehradun. Learning the trade from his father and grandfather. In 1995 after completing his college he joint the business full time and started the modern day concept of sweet shop, packed namkeens and indian snacks. Soon the era of selling packed item’s in market started in Dehradun city. Today we have our beat vans catering to every small and big retailer in every nook and corner of Dehradun city.

Gupta Mishthan Bhandar, now Popularly known as “GUPTA SWEETS” further started spreading its wings when Bal Swaroop Gupta’s younger son MOHIT KHANDELWAL, also a pass out of the prestigious The Doon School, joined the business after doing his higher education. The network of Gupta Sweets and it’s products went all over Garhwal And Kumaun region of UTTRANCHAL.

In the year 2001 Gupta Sweets also entered into the field of baking and started its own bakery but kept it to a niche market by manufacturing only egg free products thus increasing the product range and sales a many folds. In 2002 Gupta Sweets converted its network sales from direct to retailer to selling through wholesalers, today we have around 75-wholesalers in Garhwal region and around 65 in Kumaun region. All these wholesalers are personally visited by MOHIT periodically and thus enjoy a good rapport amongst them.

In 2006 Gupta Sweets achieved I.S.O. 9001-2000 and also became the first establishment in the state of Uttarakhand to have achieved H.A.C.C.P certification for its high manufacturing standards.

Presently Gupta Sweets has a state of art, air-conditioned showroom in the heart of the city of Dehradun.